Australia's cops begin to take charge as Solomon unrest continues

On the request of Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare, Australia's police have started to take control of the country’s capital Honiara on Friday. Sogavare has blamed foreign countries for stoking the violent protests in the country. Australia has sent around 100 police personnel.  

The looting and the burning of buildings has continued. Tear gas was being used in Chinatown and a new curfew may also occur. The protesters oppose 2019 decision of the government to end diplomatic ties with Taiwan and establish formal links with China.  

Australia's cops are here  

A TV frame grab shows Australian Federal Police (AFP) officers and local police monitoring a crowd in Honiara on Friday after days of rioting.  


From top  

A bird eye view of people gathering near buildings in Honiara's Chinatown on Friday.  


Victim of rage  

A frame grab shows a burnt-out car in Honiara on Friday.  


Only smoke remains  

A framegrab shows burnt out buildings in Honiara's Chinatown on Friday. Thousands have ignored a government lockdown order, torched several buildings around the Chinatown district including commercial properties and a bank branch.  


Upside down   

A message ‘Honiara Upside Down’ written on a wall as the unrest continues in Chinatown on Friday.   


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