In pictures: At -7.6 degrees, temperature breaks 28-year record in Srinagar

 | Updated: Dec 27, 2018, 03:00 PM IST

Marking the coldest December night in Srinagar on Wednesday, the temperature in the valley dropped to -7.6 degrees. Srinagar had earlier recorded a low of -8.8 degrees Celsius on December 7, 1990.





Srinagar records lowest temperature in nearly three decades

Jammu and Kashmir's summer capital Srinagar experienced the coldest December in 28 years on Wednesday night.

The temperature last night fell to -7.6 degrees Celsius, while the mercury in most parts of Kashmir Valley and Ladakh region stayed way below the freezing point resulting in frozen water bodies and water supply lines.




Water supply to residential areas frozen

While in Srinagar the mercury settled a degree down on Wednesday night from the previous night's -6.7 degrees Celsius, Gulmarg and Leh were the only two stations where the minimum temperature increased on Wednesday night.

Some water bodies, including the fringes of the famous Dal lake, had frozen. Water supply to many residential areas of Srinagar and other towns in the Valley too had frozen.



Cold waves of 'Chillai-Kalan'

Kashmir is currently under the grip of 'Chillai-Kalan' the 40-day harshest period of winter when the chances of snowfall are most frequent and maximum and the temperature drops considerably.

'Chillai-Kalan' ends on January 31, but the cold wave continues even after that in Kashmir. The 40-day period is followed by a 20-day long 'Chillai-Khurd' and a 10-day 'Chillai-Bachha'.



The prolonged dry spell in the valley

The winter this season has been dry so far, although there was a spell of early snowfall in the Valley in the first and second week of November. The prolonged dry spell has resulted in an increase of common ailments like a cough, cold and other respiratory problems, especially among children and the elderly.