As 'Masaba Masaba' releases, here's a list of actors that played fictional versions of self

 | Updated: Aug 28, 2020, 07:55 PM IST

Masaba Gupta is bringing her life out in the new Netflix series 'Masaba Masaba'. This is not the first time when stars have played themselves and brought their real-life struggle to the big screen. Take a look at other shows in which celebrities played themselves.

Jerry Seinfeld in 'Seinfeld'

Jerome Seinfeld played a semi-fictionalized version of himself in the iconic comedy series 'Seinfeld', Jerome himself created and wrote the show with Larry David. The show focuses on his personal life with a handful of friends living together in an apartment building in Manhattan's Upper West Side in New York City.


Matt LeBlanc in 'Episodes'

Matt LeBlanc aka Joey Tribbiani played a satirical version of himself in the comedy series 'Episodes'. The show follows the life of the actor after his hit sitcom 'Friends'. Matt also won a Golden Globe Award and received four additional Emmy Award nominations for his role.



Larry David in 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'

After creating 'Seinfeld', Larry David created a comedy series 'Curb Your Enthusiasm', in which he stars as a semi-fictionalized version of himself. The series follows Larry in his life as a semi-retired television writer and producer.


Sarah Silverman in 'The Sarah Silverman Program'

In 'The Sarah Silverman Program' actress, Sarah Silverman and her sister Laura played a fictional version of themselves. Sarah character on the show is of irresponsible woman who ends up in awkward but hilarious situations.


Louis CK in 'Louie'

'Louie' is an American drama series that saw life of comedian Louis CK, who is newly divorced father raising his two daughters in New York City




Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23

James Van Der Beek co-starred as a fictionalized version of himself in comedy sitcom 'Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23'. Krysten Ritter starrer series follows a story of a girl June Colburn as she moves from Indiana to New York City to pursue her dream job and ends up moving in with a party girl named Chloe.