Americans 'boo' Joe Biden for his 'silence' over Israel-Gaza conflict

Following renewed hostilities between Israel and Palestine, many countries have been rallying their support for one or the other. In the midst of this all, the United States of America and its president Joe Biden's stand on the issue is now drawing heavy criticism from pro-Palestinian American citizens.

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Due to the Israeli bombings, since May 10, tens of thousands of Palestinians have been displaced by Israeli bombings. This began afters rockets were launched towards Israel from Gaza. 

These Israeli bombings have till date resulted in the death of more than 200 people, including children, but till quite recently, world superpower America stayed mum on the topic.

Hamas too, has been firing rockets into Israeli territory. So far, 12 Israelis have died in the conflict including two children. Hamas is an Islamist militant organisation.


Joe Biden's statement

Recently on 17th May, after continuously facing increasing pressure over Israel’s continued bombardment of Gaza, United States President Joe Biden conveyed his support for a ceasefire.

Recently a statement released by the White House said, “The President reiterated his firm support for Israel’s right to defend itself against indiscriminate rocket attacks,”.


Deescalating of violence?

Since the fighting started, Biden along with the top officials of his administration’s have publicly supported Israel unequivocally, all the while insisting that they were working through diplomatic and military channels to try to de-escalate the violence.

In spite of this, for the third time, the US blocked a UN statement that condemned Israel's deadly military offensive in Gaza.


Widespread criticism

Biden has faced widespread criticism over this stance.

Recently, during Biden’s visit to an electric vehicle plant in Michigan, he was met with boos as hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters rallied to condemn his administration’s stance on Israel’s ongoing bombardment of the Gaza Strip.


Don't blame the victim for the aggression

Mashhour Ahmad, a 73-year-old Palestinian who has lived in New York for 50 years, said "don't blame the victim for the aggression."

"I'm telling Mr. Biden and his cabinet to stop supporting the killing. Support the victims, stop the oppression", he also said.

"The violence committed by the Israeli army recently is genocide," he added, raising a poster above his head that said "Free Palestine, End the occupation."


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