After volcanic eruption, ash spreads across St Vincent in Caribbean

La Soufriere volcano on the Caribbean island of St Vincent 'explosively’ erupted on Friday morning, spreading ash across surrounding villages, the University of the West Indies Seismic Research Centre said. The blast from the volcano, sent plumes of ash 20,000 feet (6,000 meters) into the air, the local emergency management agency said.  

Roar of Titans

La Soufriere erupted on Friday for the first time in 40 years on the Caribbean island of Saint Vincent, prompting thousands of people to evacuate, seismologists said.  


The lightning

Lightning seen in the ash column during the eruption of La Soufriere Volcano from Rillan Hill in Saint Vincent.  


Ashfall effect

The volcano is obscured by the ashfall and deposits can be seen on surrounding vegetation and houses.  


Unusual rain

A resident of Chateaubelair, Saint Vincent, walks on a street after the eruption of the La Soufriere Volcano.  


The nature

Cows and grass covered in ash after the eruption of the La Soufriere Volcano in Saint Vincent. 


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