After two days, huge fire in Indonesian oil refinery doused

Updated: Mar 31, 2021, 09:27 PM(IST)

Two days after a blast, firefighters in Indonesia on Wednesday doused a massive fire at one of the nation's biggest oil refineries.

Let's take a look. 


Thick plumes of black smoke 

News agency AFP reported that thick plumes of black smoke appeared in the skies after the blast early on Monday


A lighting storm

Though the cause was not clear, Pertamina, the oil company whose Balongan refinery in West Java caught fire, said that the blaze started during a lightning storm. 


One died, several injured

The local disaster agency said one person died of a heart attack following the explosion. 

Six people were severely injured and hospitalised and at least 30 others received minor injuries. 


Thousands evacuated

Thousands of locals were evacuated from the area after the massive fire. 


Fire-suppressing foam 

Fire-suppressing foam was used to douse the blaze at two storage tankers and the company said the fire was ultimately put out on Wednesday afternoon. 


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