A sneak-peek into Obama's presidency

 | Updated: Nov 08, 2017, 05:19 PM IST
From enjoying with kids to crying with hurricane victims, former US president Barack Obama spent eight memorable years at the White House.

Coolest President of all times!

Obama reliving his childhood, playing with a kid dressed as Spiderman at the White House.

Diwali with the President

The first ever Diwali Celebrations at the Oval Office, back in 2016 where Barak Obama is lighting the diya and celebrating the Hindu Festival.

Obama with Hurricane victims

Former President Obama with Sandy, a hurricane victim.


When it came to an end

Obama's last day at the Oval House.

This moment was captured when the President was exiting his office.


Baseball game in Cuba

Obama with President Castro in Havana, Cuba enjoying a baseball match in 2016.


Bad hair day!

When a kid asked if his hair looked similar to him, Obama replied,"Why don't you see for yourself".

Special Easter

Barack and Michelle Obama say goodbye to one of the presidency's most storied traditions, the Easter Egg Roll in 2016, after eight years at the White House.

100 days

Obama completed 100 days at the White House.

He attended a 57 minutes press conference with senior advisors.