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YouTube's roller-coaster ride in 2017

The world's No-1 online video platform saw a lot of controversies this year. A snapshot...

Lot of controversies...

Google-owned video-sharing giant YouTube saw a roller-coaster ride in 2017 even as it achieved new heights of success with the number of users equalling Facebook.

However, the world's No-1 online video platform also saw a lot of controversies this year.


1.5 billion unique users

YouTube announced that 1.5 billion unique users log into it each month which is the second platform to have this kind of mind-blogging number with Facebook still at No-1.

Viewers spend more than an hour a day watching YouTube content on mobile devices alone.


Fall of PewDiePie

2017 began with the downfall of YouTube's most subscribed and highest paid channel PewDiePie after the Wall Street Journal reported PewDiePie was using Nazi imagery and anti-semitic humour.

The Swedish vlogger and comedian and YouTuber Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg also lost deals with Disney.

Following the controversy, YouTube red also canceled the reality-based series on PewDiePie named ScarePewDiePie.


New stars on Youtube

With stars like Ryan Reynolds, Miley Cyrus, Big bang theory star Mayim Bialik, the office fame Rainn Wilson, GOT star Maisie Williams already on YouTube channel and Dwayne Johnson also joined YouTube this year with his channel "The Rock" in collaboration with Seven Bucks Digital Studios.

With Youtube being the most efficient platform for content creators, according to reports, YouTube partner program reached about 30,000 partners in 27 countries around the world.

YoutTube partner programs let creators monetize their content.

YouTube, content creators were able to earn money from advertisements and their YouTube Red subscribers.


Youtube attacked

Despite all these achievements, Youtube was not spared from controversies.

This year Youtube was criticised for its child policies. It was accused of encouraging paedophilia.

In early September, there was a video of two girls doing gymnastics which was posted on YouTube by an adult which received a lot of inappropriate comments.


Damage done

One of the commenters, also claimed that the video has been posted on a pornographic site.

In November, many several big brands Adidas, Deutsche Bank, HP, Mars Cadbury boycotted YouTube after they got to know that their ads were being shown on offensive and racist videos.

And not just racist content, videos encouraging sexual crimes also had ads of such brands.

It created an online uproar leading the online giant to pull the videos but the damage had been done.


Revenue loss

According to reports, YouTube could lose $750 million in revenue this year following the advertiser's boycott.

In that same month, there was again an outrage over the search algorithm of YouTube.

Users on YouTube found very inappropriate search results for the phrase "how to have".


Autofill feature reworked

YouTube also acknowledged the matter and described it as "profoundly disturbing," and assured that it had changed the way the autofill feature now works.

YouTube is an open platform for the user to upload videos and it relies mostly on user flagging the videos in order to control videos violating its policies.