10 unusual sports in the world

Quidditch, wife carrying, toe wrestling - these are some of the games which have strangely become famous around the world.


The Harry Potter series introduced the fictional game of Quidditch to the world.

The game consists of two teams with seven players on each side.

The fictional game had the players mounted on the broomstick whereas in the modern-day Quidditch, players must lay with a broom between their legs.


Wife Carrying

This game was first played in Finland. There are multiple teams of two people, one male and the other female. (not necessarily married)

The man has to carry the woman on his back and run through the obstacles. Whoever finishes first, wins.


Toe wrestling

As the name suggests, in this game, two people wrestle with their toes attempting to pin one another's foot down.

It was originated in Wetton, Staffordshire.


Shoval Racing

New Mexico's ski resorts marks the origin of Shoval Racing.
The player is seated on a shovel and rides down an icy or a snowy hill.



In this sport, the player has to roll downhill inside a huge transparent plastic ball across water and other obstacles.


Elephant Polo

This sport is a modified form of regular polo. All the equipment are the same as the regular polo, except being played on an Elephant.

It is popularly played in India, Nepal and Thailand.



Cycleball is similar to the game of football. It is played on a bicycle with no breaks.
The players have to put the ball in their respective goals with the help of the wheels or their heads.
It is played between two teams. Each team consist of two players.


Sepak Takraw

This game was originated in Asia. The rules are similar to that of volleyball.
The players can use their entire body apart from their arms and hand to keep the ball in the air. They have to use their legs to pass the ball over the net.


Cheese Rolling

A large cheese wheel is rolled down a hill followed by the players.

Whosoever makes it down the hill first, wins the cheese.


Ostrich Racing

Ths game originated in Africa. The competitors sit on them and race them around a track, the one who finishes first wins.
Ostriches can run with the speed of around 19km/hr.