Madhumita Saha

Opinion Editor

The writer is an academic-turned journalist. She taught history at Drexel University and New York University before joining WION.


Opinion: CCI should intervene immediately to bring relief to taxi drivers, commuters

Taxi drivers need speedy addressal to their concerns so that they can go about doing their job, commuters will breathe a sigh of relief and the companies would be able to function hassle-free.… Read Article

Opinion: Priya Varrier's idyllic face and hint of sexuality capture nation's imagination

Priya Varrier takes us on that journey where the innocence of childhood is not lost but neither has one gained the pronounced sexuality of an adult. Read Article

Opinion: Why this Kolaveri di, Mr Modi?

Modi, in one sweeping stroke, wanted to completely discredit the Congress. From the Partition to corruption, according to PM Modi, everything marks the failure of the Congress to stand as a plausible… Read Article

Opinion: Will the Budget help India's struggling farmers?

Without a clearcut policy stemming from the Budget, the chances are the chasm between rural and urban India will continue to grow, putting the current government in deep political crisis. Read Article

Opinion: Why Modi takes Netanyahu to Ahmedabad?

Ahmedabad represents Modi's future plan for India. It shows India's enterprising nature at its best. Read Article

Opinion: Why Swami Vivekananda is significant for the Indian state

Much of what Vivekananda said can well be accommodated within the ideological folds of a modern nation-state. Vivekananda is religious without being… Read Article

Opinion: Why US travel advisory should not affect your travel plans

Let the State Department come out with travel advisories, but let it not clip your wings. The world is a beautiful place. Read Article

Opinion: Taha Siddiqui's failed abduction. Fearless journalism is costly in Pakistan

On his way to the Islamabad airport, they tried harming him, tried to shoot him, threatened him of taking his life. Taha escaped. Read Article

Opinion: New H1B rules may put the 'Promised Land' out of bounds for Indians

The Trump administration is here surely washing its hands off of all the legal immigrants, meritorious or not, aspiring to be American citizens. Read Article

Opinion: Apathy and corruption fuel fire in India

"Every institution and individual thinks that it will not happen to them; hence, continue to ignore the basic fire safety" Read Article

Opinion: Why Pakistani press was so brutal to Kulbhushan's family

The moment state's agenda becomes the media's agenda, the dangers are that journalists become apologists of the state.? Read Article

Opinion: In spite of GST, how Modi won Gujarat

Narendra Modi successfully turned the 6 per cent wavering voter of Gujarat through his emotional appeals and politicking against which the INC failed… Read Article

Opinion: Let's save Amarnath, not destroy its religious essence

The devotees and others visit Amarnath out of sheer emotional needs, to satisfy their spiritual quest. The rules should retain the essence of the… Read Article

December 13, 2001: The day the heart of India's democracy was attacked

On that day, the Parliament of India -- the very nerve centre of the country's democracy -- was attacked by terrorists from the Lashkar-e-Taiba… Read Article

India makes soldiers out of Afghan women to fight Taliban

The women of Afghanistan, long oppressed and denied of their basic rights, are now fighting for their rights. And India is turning to be a valuable… Read Article