Devanshi Verma

Devanshi Verma


Devanshi is a freelance feature writer. When not writing, she loves to travel and explore food cultures across geographies.


My maid has no honour

Domestic workers in India are victims of various forms of structural violence that society has come to consider normal. Read Article

'I felt like a demon', Africans in India point out on Mandela Day

If Nelson Mandela was alive, how would he feel about the Africans residing in India? Read Article

How are Tibetan refugees doing as Dalai Lama celebrates his birthday

?Tibet is in my heart, but I am an Indian", says a Tibet refugee in New Delhi Read Article

Are we teaching gender roles to children through toys?

Blue car for boys, pink doll for girls: Is you daughter's doll telling her that she should cook and your son that he should not? Read Article

Why do Hindus and Muslims of Delhi go to pray at House of Jinns?

Jinns are worshipped in the ruined fort of 14th century Emperor Feroz Shah ||Legends of jinns helped in alleviating the troubles ||

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Pittsburgh physician who dressed like the homeless to treat them

Dr Jim Withers wants easily accessible street medicine to be a part of our social fabric like the fire department Read Article


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World Sparrow Day: Where have the birds gone?

Abrupt disappearance of sparrows must be seen as an ecological indication to humans about forthcoming environmental menace Read Article

A sound night's sleep: Afghans hope for equal refugee benefits in India

India provides a safe haven to Afghans escaping war in their country, but this New Year they dream of work, study opportunity Read Article

Delhi University: ABVP demands ban on leftist organisations

They took out a protest march chanting 'Bharat Mata ki jai' and held placards with photos of the alleged killing?of?RSS workers in Kerala Read Article

International Women's Day: Super-woman saves the sloths

Monique Pool has 14 sloths she rescued living in her house. When forests are cut down, she's out saving even more Read Article

Inspirational women scientists who made India proud

On National Science Day, we celebrate women who have made great contributions in the field of science and paved paths for others Read Article


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Finding jobs for disabled ? creating enabling mindsets

One-fifth of humanity face significant disabilities. They are more likely to experience lower education and poorer levels of employment Read Article