Devanshi Verma

Devanshi Verma


Devanshi is a freelance feature writer. When not writing, she loves to travel and explore food cultures across geographies.


My maid has no honour

Domestic workers in India are victims of various forms of structural violence that society has come to consider normal. Read Article

'I felt like a demon', Africans in India point out on Mandela Day

If Nelson Mandela was alive, how would he feel about the Africans residing in India? Read Article

How are Tibetan refugees doing as Dalai Lama celebrates his birthday

?Tibet is in my heart, but I am an Indian", says a Tibet refugee in New Delhi Read Article

Are we teaching gender roles to children through toys?

Blue car for boys, pink doll for girls: Is you daughter's doll telling her that she should cook and your son that he should not? Read Article

Why do Hindus and Muslims of Delhi go to pray at House of Jinns?

Jinns are worshipped in the ruined fort of 14th century Emperor Feroz Shah ||Legends of jinns helped in alleviating the troubles ||

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Raising a 'proper' wife through cutting her genitals

80-90 per cent girls are cut in total secrecy in the Bohra community ||FGM is defended as a matter of customary freedom ||PIL filed to ban FGM || ||

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Wannabe Greek gods: The fad of nutrition in India

Protein consumption helps in the body building process but there is a limit to which your body can consume protein in the form of food. Read Article

Opinion: More than 500,000 girls in India at risk of female genital mutilation

More than 500,000 women in India are at risk of female genital mutilation

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The oceans are dying as we celebrate World Oceans Day

Public accountability, environmental regulation, and press freedom are indispensable factors to protect the marine world Read Article

World Schizophrenia Day: 'My mind is my worst enemy'

Limited medical facilities, deep-seated prejudice and with no scope of finding employment, patients suffering from Schizophrenia live through a… Read Article

Keeping aside hate, Indians and Pakistanis enter into virtual friendship

Youngsters from India and Pakistan say their shared culture is the strongest factor for forging friendships Read Article

Can India and Pakistan be friends?

The enmity seems to be only on papers, not in hearts Read Article

World Health Day: Is the youth facing a mental health crisis?

Studies indicate that as many as one in five teens suffers from clinical depression Read Article

Autism awareness day

WION looks into autism treatment around the world and in India Read Article

Autism Awareness Day: How is autism perceived in India?

Do we understand, accept and include people with autism? Read Article