WION World Order: Geopolitical Significance of Indo-Pacific, An ASEAN View

ASEAN and its emerging role in the Indo-Pacific Region; ASEAN’s plan to engage and shape the regional architecture to take its position in the Indo-Pacific Region.

Geopolitical Significance of Indo-Pacific

The third edition of WION World Order looks at Geopolitical Significance of Indo-Pacific: An ASEAN View and Decoding the Alliance of the East Grand Strategy.


Varied Opinions

The discussions in the third edition was held between Ambassador of Thailand to India Chutintorn Sam Gongsakdi, Ambassador of Indonesia to India Sidharto Suryodipuro, Ambassador of Vietnam to India SanhChau Pham, Former Former Ambassador of India to Germany, Gurjit Singh, Chargé d'Affaires of Afghanistan in India Tahir Qadiry.



PhamSanh Chau, Vietnamese Ambassador to India

'If you look at Indo-Pacific from ASEAN perspective, you see this is horizontal and vertical. Horizontal will try to connect all the regions in the Indo-Pacific we call the Indian Ocean, and vertical will try to adjust question from security to connectivity, economic cooperation and also the sustainable development objective', Vietnamese Ambassador to India PhamSanh Chau said on WION World Order.


Sidharto Reza Suryodipuro, Ambassador of Indonesia in India

"ASEAN concept is to bring everybody to the same table and to discuss Indo-Pacific and how to make it beneficial to all from the security, stability and prosperity perspectives. And how to we have greater connectivity in Southeast Asia and its members. So this is the ASEAN way of creating positive ecosystem for everybody,' Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia in India Sidharto Reza Suryodipuro said on WION World Order.


Chutintorn Sam Gongsakdi, Ambassador of Thailand to India

'The Indo-Pacific is our response to how we can maintain geographical balance in the region, how we can engage all these players in a constructive manner because in the end, what we want is economic development, prosperity, inclusiveness and stability and peace,' Ambassador of Thailand to India, Chutintorn Sam Gongsakdi said on WION World Order.


Gurjit Singh, Former Ambassador of India to Germany, ASEAN

'There was the retreat of Americans over some years, leaving a kind of a power vacuum where the central role of ASEAN was perhaps, in a vacuum now. And other powers were trying to come in. There was a concept of Asia-Pacific. So one transition from Asia-Pacific to Indo-Pacific is the clear inclusion of India in this concept. Now Indo doesn't refer to India, it refers to Indian Ocean. But by putting Indian and Pacific parts together, you brought India into play as an emerging power,' Former Ambassador of India to Germany, Gurjit Singh said on WION World Order.