Elephant Santas arrive in Thailand with Christmas presents, candies

 | Updated: Dec 24, 2019, 10:39 AM IST

As part of the year-end holiday season, Thailand's Jirasartwitthaya School in Ayutthaya cited in North of Bangkok celebrated Christmas with a troupe of elephants dressed as Santa delivering presents and candies to students following the lane of 15-year long-run tradition.

Elephants distributing Christmas Presents

Elephants dressed as Santa Claus distributed Christmas presents to students at a school in the historical city of Ayutthaya in an annual Christmas tradition in the mostly Buddhist country.


The school celebrating Christmas as an old tradition.

Though Thailand is 98% Buddhist it celebrates Christmas as part of the year-end holiday season.

As a 15-year long run tradition, the Jirasartwitthaya School in Ayutthaya, north of Bangkok celebrated Christmas in their unique way.


Troupe of four elephants visiting the school.

This year a troupe four elephants and their mahouts wearing Santa hats visited the school and gave away presents to the students added Lardthongtare Meepan, owner of the Ayuttahaya Elephant Palace, an elephant camp.


Students are dressed as Santa Claus at their annual Christmas celebration.

"The highlight is not only handing out presents, but also students and elephants are forming a Christmas tree together," Lardthongtare Meepan further said.


Kids are eagerly waiting for elephant Santa to arrive at the school.

Kids eagerly waiting for the troupe of Elephant Santa to arrive at their school. 


Elephant Santa arriving in the school with students pacing in front of the troupe.

"It makes me feel like I have a lot of friends. The elephants handing out candies, toys, dolls and so many other things," said student Pasitha Sithapak, who is also one among many who calls elephant Santa as her friend.


Elephant Santa showing tricks to students.

The elephants danced and showed off tricks to students. Thailand's national animal is Elephant and it appears throughout history and literature. 


Primary school student who finds elephant dance amusing.

"I'm very happy to see them and they are very cute. I love elephants because it dances very cute," says Patcharamon Sukpiromsunti, a primary school student.