'Urgent situation', International celebs pledge support for India amid COVID-19 crisis

 | Updated: May 03, 2021, 09:41 PM IST

India is facing the world's worst COVID-19 surge and international celebrities such as Shawn Mendes, Richard Madden, Mindy Kaling, and Ellen Degeneres have pledged their support to help the country.

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra initiated a fundraiser to help India amidst the second wave of Covid-19. The global star has been very active on social media and continuously, she is sharing information about the COVID-19 resources.

Posting a video on Instagram, the actress urged to donate in their capacity to help the needy. A worried Chopra in the video is heard saying, "Why do we need to care? Why is it so urgent right now? I am sitting in London and hearing from my friends and family in India about how hospitals are at capacity, there are no rooms in ICUs, ambulances are too busy, oxygen supply is less, crematoriums having mass cremations because the volume of death is so much. India is my home and India is bleeding.”


File image of Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes

Camila Cabello and her singer boyfriend Shawn Mendes stepped forward and urged everyone to support and help the country in difficult times. 

Taking it to her Instagram handle, The 'Senorita' singer posted a video message for her fans. "Hey guys! India is facing a devastating second wave of COVID-19. There have been 18 million cases reported and the healthcare system simply does not have enough resources to care for everybody. They need protective equipment, oxygen and medicine to save lives." She said. 

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File photo of Katy Perry.

Singer Katy Perry helped India and announced that she is making contributions to provide essentials in difficult times.

Perry wrote, "You may have heard about the devastation the pandemic is having in India right now: Each day a new world record is set for the number of Covid cases (386,453 JUST TODAY according to @NPR) with the peak still to come. Hospitals have stopped admitting patients because they are running low on vital supplies and equipment, including oxygen, leaving people to watch loved ones die on stretchers outside the hospital doors. My friends at the @thebritishasiantrust are trying to help by getting as many oxygen concentrators to hospitals as quickly as possible. If you’d like to help, please consider donating at the link in my bio,".


Richard Madden

'Game Of Thrones star Richard Madden also urged everyone to donate. The actor shared a link to his 'Citadel' co-star Priyanka's fundraiser and wrote, "Please help and support whatever you can. Thank you Priyanka Chopra for setting this up." 


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Mindy Kaling

Comedian Mindy Kaling also come forward and shared the details about the foundation, "Continuing to share resources to support the Covid crisis in India. Everything helps. Donations go directly to healthcare physical infrastructure, medical equipment, and vaccine support and mobilization."



Reese Witherspoon

By supporting the Priyanka Chopra fundraiser campaign, Reese Witherspoon took to Instagram to share Priyanka's video message appealing to join hands to help India in the pandemic situation. Sharing the fundraiser details, Reese wrote, "What is happening in India with COVID is an urgent situation. Please help if you can".


Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen Degeneres also pledged her support to help India in its pandemic crisis. By sharing the details about Jay Shetty's organization, she tweeted, '' India needs our help. My friend @JayShettyIW and I are trying to raise $1M for @GiveIndia, and @IndiasporaForum will match it! This means every dollar is doubled, so we can try our best to make a difference. If you can help, I hope you will''.


Lilly Singh posted this photo on Instagram after attending her first pride parade.

Famous show host and Youtuber Lilly Singh also took to social media to urge her followers to donate. Singh posted a photo on Instagram and wrote.

''Now that I have your attention, direct your gaze to the donate button... 👀 Donate NOW on this post $10 or $1000 all make a difference! Join me, @JayShetty and @Give_India for this Saturdays' Virtual LIVE event HELP INDIA BREATH at 1pm PT, 4pm ET, 9pm UK,1:30am India (Sunday). All proceeds will be matched up to $1 million dollars by @Indiaspora. The non-profit organization @Give_India launched India COVID Response Fund-1 and with the second deadly wave currently hitting India, the organization launched ICRF-2 to support gaps in healthcare and other critical needs.''

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