Tragic tale of Nigerian girls who were recently abducted from school

Written By: Bharat Sharma | Updated: Mar 02, 2021, 06:20 PM IST

All 279 Nigerian students who were kidnapped from their boarding school in the state of Zamfara have been released, and are currently on government premises. We offer you a look into their story and Nigeria's history of kidnappings for ransom. Take a look

317 girls were suspected missing earlier

Initially, the government said that 317 girls were abducted by gunmen after they raided the Government Girls Secondary School in the remote village of Jangebe on Friday. But the official number was revised to 279.


State governor responds to the news

State governor Dr Bello Matawalle told AFP the following - "I am happy to announce that the girls are free". "They have just arrived in the government house and are in good health", the governor added.


Third such attack in three months

Hundreds of girls clad in hijabs were seen at the government premises. Government officials were in talks with the kidnappers, who are known as "bandits". This marked the third such school attack in less than three months.


Heavily-armed gangs a normal sight in Nigeria

Gangs with heavy arms in their possession in northwest and central Nigeria have unleashed multiple attacks in the recent years, and kidnap for ransom, raping, and pillaging.


A failed peace deal

In 2016, the Nigerian military was deployed to the area, and a peace deal was signed with bandits in 2019. But this hasn't stopped attacks in the region. Kidnappings of these kinds are common in Nigeria, and has become a widespread national issue. Many businessmen, government officials, and ordinary folks are kidnapped from the streets in exchange for ransom.