Suspended above mountains to highlight COVID-19 struggles, Swiss artists break records

While being suspended above mountains, Swiss artists have paid a tribute to frontline workers and highlighted the struggles faced by them and coronavirus victims.


Swiss artists have been celebrating the reopening of the Glacier 3000 cable car in Les Diablerets, Switzerland.


Performed stunts

Swiss acrobat Freddy Nock walked blindfolded and rode a bike at an altitude of 3000m as part of a performance done by artists on Tuesday (June 23), to highlight struggles amid the COVID-19 crisis.


Broke records

During his performance, Nock broke three records: balancing for 40m on a slope of more than 39.1 degrees, riding a bike on a cable car for 367m, and walking blindfolded on the same cable for 151.1m, according to organisers Swiss Glacier 3000.


Attempt to support impacted artists

The airshow was organized by Nock and the Swiss Glacier 3000 to support artists who have been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis all over the world.

Other acrobats participated to the show, like Swiss trapeze artist David Maillard, who performed a show hanged at one of the cable cars, 200m above ground.


Wheel of death

Ramon Kathriner opened the show with its “Wheel of the death” and Italian pole dancer, Sheila Nicolodi danced at 3000 meters in height.


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