Seven most dangerous airlines in world

Updated: Oct 07, 2019, 06:53 PM(IST)

Even though flying in an aeroplane is the safest mode of transport, recent disappearances and crashes have resurfaced the security concerns surrounding it. publishes a list of the most dangerous airlines in the world every year based on a rating system of seven stars. They take into account multiple factors including fatalities and country blacklists. None of the airlines below attained more than two stars.

Tara Air

Tara Air received only one out of seven stars. The Nepalese carrier operates a fleet of only eight aircraft and flies in dangerous mountainous terrain. The airline's image has been tarnished by fatal accidents in 2010 and 2011.


Nepal Airlines

Nepal Airlines, earlier known as Royal Nepal Airlines received a single star rating. It has been flying since 1958, but is prohibited from flying into the European Union. A fatal accident in 2014 led to 18 fatalities. 


Ariana Afghan Airlines

Afghanistan's national carrier, Ariana has a fleet of only five aircraft. The airline has witnessed seven fatal accidents in its history.


Bluewing Airlines

Bluewing Airlines is based in Suriname, a South American nation. Over a period of three years, they lost three aircraft, effectively getting banned from flying into European airspace.


Kam Air

Kam Air, an Afghanistan based airline also received a single star. It is banned from flying into the United States and European Union airspace.


Trigana Air

The Indonesian airline was given a single star. The airline has suffered ten hull losses and 14 accidents, owing to which it is banned from the United States and European Union airspace.


SCAT Airlines

The Kazakhstan based airline doesn't operate internationally and has a bad safety record.


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