Red for the ones who bled: Myanmar falls silent for a day as sign of protest

As the junta freed hundreds of prisoners in Myanmar, the capital city fell silent to raise voices against the military coup

Red for democracy

Myanmar locals released red-coloured balloons calling for silent protests in in Yangon, Myanmar on March 24.


Complete silence

The country fell silent for a day as everyone shut their shops, bunked offices and refused to step out of their homes to raise their voices against the military coup.

"The usual meat and vegetables vendors on the street didn't show up," said a resident of the city's Mayangone district. "No car noises, only birds."


Prisoners freed

The silent protest took place as the junta freed hundreds of demonstrators, on Wednesday, arrested during its months-long crackdown on protests.


More than 2,000 prisoners

The Assistance Association for Political Prisoners activist group says at least 2,000 people have been arrested in the military crackdown on the protests against the February 1 coup.


More protests planned

Meanwhile, Myanmar activists have planned for more anti-coup protests on Wednesday, including a silent strike with many businesses due to close and calls for people to stay home. 


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