'IN' plus 'FRA' is the alliance of 'INDIA' and 'FRANCE', Modi hails India-France partnership

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Indian community in France on Friday and dedicated a memorial to the Indian victims of the two Air India crashes in France in the 1950s and 1960s.

In his speech, Modi asserted that the Indian diaspora has contributed to the growth of France and the two countries share a valuable strategic partnership. 

Paris is devoted to Ram

"These days Paris is immersed in ‘Ram’. In the shadow of revered Bapu, everybody is immersed in devotion to Ram. And in front of Indra, the time of the story does not change, today for Narendra he changed the time of the story. The reason for this is the devotion in Bapu's veins and patriotism. If I had time today, I would definitely go to worship him, but I thank Bapu from here."

"In dino Paris Ram main rum gaya hai, pujya Bapu ki nishra (shadow) mein sab log Ram ki bhakti main doobe hain....


On the India-France alliance

"Nowadays we talk of 21st century 'INFRA'. That is 'IN' plus 'FRA' is the alliance of 'INDIA' and 'FRANCE'."

 "From Solar Infra to Social Infra, from Technical Infra to Space Infra, from Digital Infra to Defense Infra, the alliance of India and France is moving strongly."

"I am told that the Ganpati Festival has become the main feature of the Parisian cultural calendar. On this day, Paris transforms into mini India. That is, a few days from now, the echo of Ganpati Bappa Maurya will also be heard here.

"Indians living in France have a relationship with India, so you have a relationship with France. Your successes are a matter of pride for France, as well as they make India proud."


What BJP's mandate means

"This mandate is not just to run a government, but to build a new India. A new India whose rich civilization and culture can be proud of the whole world, and which leads the 21st century. A new India that focuses on Ease of Doing Business and which also ensures Ease of Living."

"It is also true that in the last five years, we have also given red card to many evils from the country. Today, corruption, nepotism, familism, looting public money, terrorism in new India, the way the curbing is being done has never happened."


Fulfilled my promises

"When I came to France four years ago, there was an opportunity to communicate with thousands of Indians. I remember then I made a promise to you. I said that India is about to embark on a new journey of hopes and aspirations."

"When I come among you today, I can say that not only did we embark on that journey, but with the collective efforts of 130 crore Indians, India is moving ahead on the path of development at a rapid pace. This is the reason that once again the countrymen have supported our government by giving a more powerful mandate."


Unbreakable friendship between France and India

India and France share historic ties, says PM Modi. "The relationship between India and France is hundreds of years old. Our friendship rests not on any selfishness but on solid ideals of 'Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. "

"The friendship between India and France is unbreakable. It is far ahead of friendship. It is years old. There will not be a global forum where India and France have not supported each other and have not worked together."

"When India or France get an achievement, we are happy for each other. The number of supporters of France's football team in India may not be more than that in France."


Battling climate change together

"Another feature of Indo-French relations is that we face challenges with concrete action There is a lot of talk of climate change in the world, but little is seen on them happening in action."

"We initiated the International Solar Alliance together with President Macron."


We've created a New India

''In ''New India'', corruption, nepotism, loot of public money and terrorism were being tackled like never before."

"As soon as the new government was formed, a new ministry was created for water power, which would holistically look at all the water related topics. It was also decided to provide pension facilities to poor farmers and traders. Inhuman practice of triple talaq has been abolished."

"Similarly, the government has taken important decisions in the field of child protection and health. Today, there is also a lot of discussion that this time the session of our Parliament was the most productive in the last 6 decades."

 "In the whole world, if the maximum number of bank accounts are opened in any country in a given time, then it is India. If the biggest health insurance scheme of the whole world is running in any country, then it is India."



Modi meets UNESCO director

Prime Minister Narendra Modi meets UNESCO Director General Audrey Azoulay in Paris, France.


When Prime Ministers met

Prime Minister Narendra Modi meets France Prime Minister Edouard Charles Philippe in Paris on Friday.


Joint Press Statement

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the President of France Emmanuel Macron at the Joint Press Statement, at Chateau de Chantilly, in France on Thursday.


Bilateral meeting

Prime Minister Narendra Modi being received by dignitaries as he arrives for a bilateral meeting at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris on Thursday.


Interacting with the Indian diaspora

Prime Minister Narendra Modi meets Indian diaspora as he arrives for a bilateral meeting at Charles de Gaulle airport in Chantilly on Thursday.