Load of s**t! Activists dump crap outside White House to protest climate change

As Joe Biden and other world leaders gathered virtually to discuss policies on climate change, young activists showed their disappointment in their government's actions

Young and loud

Unhappy with the new administrations's actions, a group of young activists decided to raise their voices against Joe Biden's climate plans


'For you, Mr President'

The demonstrators wheeled in buckets full of crap and dumped it on the roads outside the White House after Joe Biden's remarks during 'Leaders Summit on Climate' — a two-day virtual event in which world leaders met to discuss the urgency of climate change.


'Stop this bull s**t'

Members of the US chapter of Extinction Rebellion organised the protest. Some protestors also donned white robes as a symbol of peaceful protest.


Clean your own mess

Towards the end, the protestors gathered all the crap and mounted it on the road in a huge pile, which was then left unattended as the demonstrators dispersed.


Unique or hypocritical?

The protest received mixed responses. While some thought of it as a befitting and unique response to government's plans, others called it hypocritical and pointed out that the leftover dirt will have to be cleaned by the workers who usually belong to the minority communities and are not well-paid.


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