Life of Afghan civilians: The stark difference between 'then' and 'now'

Let's take a look at the side-by-side photographs of Afghanistan and try to understand the changes this South Asian nation went through in a matter of days:

Then: Women

It was not uncommon to see women out and about, shopping in markets, travelling, and working.

(Photograph:WION Web Team)

Now: Women

They are all but absent. Forced to stay inside. In many areas where Taliban took over earlier this month, women were forbidden from venturing out alone. According to recent reports many have been forced to leave jobs. According to one such report, last month fighters from the group walked into the offices of Azizi Bank in the southern city of Kandahar and ordered nine women working there to leave.

(Photograph:WION Web Team)

Then: Cities

A city in the past was teeming with life. It was a happy atmosphere, as people bustled about.

(Photograph:WION Web Team)

Now: Cities

Throughout the city, fear looms. There are gunshots heard, many roads are deserted, and those present are fleeing in terror.

(Photograph:WION Web Team)

Then: Airports

Airports were just where your travel starts or ends.

(Photograph:WION Web Team)

Now: Airports

Airports have become a beacon of hope. The situation in Afghanistan has people scrambling for flights and escape. There was only one thought in their minds: to get to safety.  

(Photograph:WION Web Team)

Then: Advertisements & Posters

Posters adorned shops, attracting customers with their bright colours.

(Photograph:WION Web Team)

Now: Advertisements & Posters

Advertisements and posters with women are being whitewashed as the country seems to be undergoing a gender purge. Just another way to enclose women in their homes and keep them hidden?

(Photograph:WION Web Team)

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