In Pics: Protests against Covid measures rock Europe, Australia

Tens of thousands of protesters marched on streets of several European countries, such as Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, and Australia, against the Covid measures adopted by the respective governments to contain the spread of the coronavirus infections.

Rotterdam’s unruly protest  

Demonstrators take part in a protest against a partial coronavirus lockdown in the port city of Rotterdam on Friday.   


Switzerland fights off  

Protesters hold flags and banners during a protest against the current measures to tackle the spread of the coronavirus in Lausanne on Saturday.   


Austria voices concern  

Demonstrators hold a banner which reads "Control the borders - not your people" during a rally held by Austria's far-right Freedom Party FPOe against the measures taken to curb the coronavirus pandemic, at Maria Theresien Platz square in Vienna, Austria on Saturday.  


Croatia takes it to streets   

Demonstrators gather holding Croatian flags in the center of Zagreb to protest against Covid measures such as obligatory certificates for public sector on Saturday.  


Australia also erupts  

People attend a protest against Covid lockdowns and vaccine mandates in Sydney on Saturday.  


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