In pics: Madrid high heels run; defying gravity & homophobia

 | Updated: Jul 06, 2019, 12:58 PM IST

Dozens of men and a few women in stiletto heels raced through the centre of the Spanish capital on Thursday, July 6, defying gravity, the heat and attempts by the far-right party Vox to curtail their Gay Pride celebrations this year.

Contestants take part in the annual race

The race in Chueca, a gay-friendly neighbourhood in central Madrid, draws competitors from abroad and is one of the most eagerly awaited parts of the annual festival of the LGBT community.


A contestant sits before the annual race

The race attracts the young and old, the athletic and the portly from all over the world. Reaching the finish line is no easy task as a set of rules has to be strictly followed. 


Heels getting measured

Rules state that heels must be at least 10 cm (4 inches) high, and the shoes are measured before the race.


Supporting the LGBT community

A woman reacts in a balcony during the annual race on high heels during Gay Pride celebrations. Numerous other windows can be seen sporting the Pride flag in support of the community. 


A contestant putting their best foot forward

The ultra-conservative Vox, a political newcomer, has increasingly attacked the festival and LGBT rights in Spain. During the high heels run, there were chants against Vox.


Contestants wait before the annual race

Madrid Pride, one of the world’s largest LGBT celebrations, will culminate in a parade in the city centre on Saturday, July 6 2019. The race winner gets 350 euros ($390).