In Pics | Hundreds of 'Mermaids' mingle at US convention

Tresses swirled and fins shimmered as thousands of people donned tails to dive into a weekend of all things mermaid at the MerMagic convention in Virginia. Scroll below to see images.

Fat Mermaids

A member of the Society of Fat Mermaids swims during MerMagic Con.


The Miss Mermaid USA Pageant

MerMagic Con is advertised as the largest Mermaid convention in the world. Some parts of the convention are based on modelling and looks like the Miss Mermaid USA Pageant. 


Bringing together plus size people

 The Society of Fat Mermaids looks to bring together plus size people and promote the idea that anyone can become a mermaid.


A 'group photo'

Mermaids and Mermen prepare for a group photo in the main pool with all the merfolk attendees during MerMagic Con at the Freedom Aquatic Center in Manassas, Virginia.


All about 'custom made tails'

Becoming a mermaid is not cheap, most merfolk spend thousands of dollars on their tail and outfit. Most tails are custom made out of silicone and others are foam and fabric.


Preparing for a swim

Members of the Society of Fat Mermaids prepare for a swim during MerMagic Con.


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