Holi 2018: Hindus in Pakistan celebrate the festival of colours

 | Updated: Mar 02, 2018, 10:38 AM IST
The festival is the festival of joy. It is the festival of the victory of truth and defeat of lie.

500 Hindus gathered at Karachi's Hindu temple

Around 500 Hindus gathered in Karachi's Hindu temple of Shri Swaminarayan for the celebration, just one of many taking place across Pakistan by the country's Hindu community.

Hindus celebrated Holi in Pakistan

Non-Muslims make up only about three percent of the 208 million population of Muslim-majority Pakistan.

Holi, a festival that brings people together

Holi, which is celebrated with the onset of spring, brings together people from all classes and age groups as they play with colours, distribute sweets and dance together.

Holi marks the beginning of spring

Smearing coloured powders over each other in an annual ritual marking the beginning of spring, Hindus here had a gala time celebrating the joyous festival.

Holi, a festival of renewed friendship

An ancient Hindu tradition, the annual festival represents a time of forgiveness, renewed friendship and the triumph of good over evil.