Happy birthday, Gal Gadot! Some interesting facts about our Wonder Woman

Written By: Pragati Awasthi

Happy 36th birthday, Gal Gadot! One of the world's most celebrated and loved superhero turned a year older. On her special day, we bring you some facts you may not know about the actor's life. 

Didn’t want to win Miss Universe

After winning Miss Israel beauty pageant, Gal Gadot went to participate in Miss Universe in 2004, but she didn’t want to win the competition. So she knowingly wore the wrong dress, went late for the event and pretended that she couldn’t speak English.


Miss Israel

Gal Gadot won the Miss Israel beauty pageant at the age of 18. "I got in and I never thought I would win and then I won and then it scared me," she told W Magazine in 2017. "I was like, 'What? Miss Israel? All the responsibility of being Miss Israel?'"


Met her husband at a 'very strange party'

Gal Gadot has been married to real estate developer Yaron Varsano since 2008. The couple has two daughters and is all set to welcome the third one. But very few of us know that how Gal met the love of her life-- in a very strange party in the desert. The actress said that she had met Varsano at a "very strange party" in a desert in Israel.

"It was all about yoga, chakras, and eating healthy — we didn't exactly find ourselves there, but we found each other," she revealed.


Joined Israeli Defense Force

A proud Israeli, Gal Gadot was a member of the Israeli Defense Force and was a trained soldier for two years. The military gave her "good training for Hollywood." she told, and her action in films is proof of the same.


Lost a chance to become a Bond girl

When she was in university, a casting director asked her to audition for the role of Bond girl Camille Montes in 'Quantum of Solace' but back then she refused and lost her chance to be one of the bond girls. "I told my agent, 'What are you talking about? I'm in school. I'm not an actress. I'm not gonna go,'" she told RS. "And he was like, 'Just show respect and go.'" She lost the role to actor Olga Kurylenko.


Fast and furious

Months after losing the Bond girl role, the same casting director asked her to audition and starred her in for the role of Gisele in Fast & Furious, the fourth instalment in the franchise. This time, she got the gig. "I think the main reason [I was cast] was that the director Justin Lin really liked that I was in the military, and he wanted to use my knowledge of weapons," she's said of winning the role. But did you know, Gal performed nearly all her own stunt in the action-heavy franchise.


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