Game of Tech: Apple, Google, Facebook, who will win?

The Tech war spearheaded by Apple, Google, Facebook & Microsoft is set to get hotter with the launch of Apple 8 next month. We take a look at who is likely to win this inevitable Game of Thrones...

Apple & House Lannister

Steve Job's Apple Inc. undoubtedly belongs to the house of Lannister.

Apple founded exactly 41 years ago now has a market capitalization of over $800 billion. It started with building the Macintosh (macOs) in the 70s graduating quickly to produce the iOS and in 2001 it disrupted the music industry with the launch of the iPod & iTunes.

In 2007, Job's launched the Apple iPhone and the rest as they is history.

Job's was never afraid to shake hands with the 'enemy' - Bill Gates - in the 90s when Apple needed cash, like a true Lannister he aligned with Gates and paid his debts by overtaking Microsoft, justice done! Apple is now the cradle of innovation.

Apple now plans to launch an Apple Car - Job's secret desire, we wonder like the Lannister's will Apple ever stop?

A little-known fact: Job's room in Apple's HQ Cupertino, California is still preserved by the company, no one is allowed to enter because the Emperor once sat on the throne there!


Google & House Targaryen

CEO Larry Page first thought of "Search'' as a concept at Harvard while doing his Ph.D. on the mathematical properties of the world wide web, thanks to him we can now 'map' anyone or anything on the Web.

Larry put his stamp on the web with the 'Page' Rank, Map & search engine - something we take for granted now!

Alphabet, the parent company of Google has a market cap of over 640 billion and has changed the way we think about the world.

Page - like a Targaryen, is almost unstoppable. He is now the true heir to the late Steve Job's of ''House Lannister".


Microsoft & Greyjoy

The richest man on earth William Henry Bill Gates III is credited with starting the computer revolution with the launch of Microsoft in 1976 - the same year Job's launched Apple.

After ''aligning" with IBM for a while in the early 80s, Gates launched Microsoft Windows in 1985 and House MS has dominated the tech world ever since!

In the 90s, however, Bill Gates failed to recognise the potential of the world wide web, trashing it as a "passing fad", he was quickly overtaken by Larry Page & Jeff Bezos who have relegated the tech behemoth into an also-ran, but don't no one can underestimate a Greyjoy, Microsoft with a market cap of $560 billion still might have a trick up his sleeve to give the big boys a run for their money, is Satya Nadella the secret weapon? We will soon find out...


Facebook & House Stark

Mark Zuckerberg needs no introduction, Facebook's social network has connected the world like never before in history.

Mark, a Harvard dropout famously founded TheFacebook in his dormitory and despite early hiccups kept the ''Likes" burning & today Facebook has market capitalization of $496 billion.

In 2016, the social network earned $10.2 billion as net revenue pegging Zuckerberg's net worth at an estimated $53.8 billion which makes him the fifth richest man on earth behind Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos and Amancio Ortega of Spain.

Facebook is now looking beyond text, videos & social and has its eyes set on Artificial Intelligence(AI), if Mark gets AI right, he can challenge the House Lannister(Apple) & the Targaryen(Google) and can crush them in an all out Tech War.


Amazon & House Tyrell

The ''Sultan of e-commerce" Jeff Bezos nearly overtook Bill Gates as the richest man on earth last week. Bezos has disrupted nearly every industry ever since he setup Amazon in 1995, his company has revolutionized "Net delivery" of products & changed the retail industry forever.

Bezos also owns Blue Origin - a rocket company. Bezos a big fan of sci-fi classic Star Trek wants to send common folks to the moon. Blue Origin has been testing its rockets for moon travel and hopes to send its first man by 2020.

Amazon with a market capitalization of $474 billion is most likely to overtake the other giants - Google, Microsoft, Facebook in the long run because it is hell bent on Disrupting every industry in the World.


Tesla & House Martell

Elon Musk's Tesla is a dangerous player in the tech war raging across the world. Tesla recently launched the car version model 3 which has been gaining traction, even though it experinced a few roadblocks along the way.

Tesla has spread its Falcon wings in space too with its iconic Space X which designs and manufacturers rockets & spacecraft.

Tesla's market cap is around $60 billion and with cars and Space X under its wings, it is a giant no one wants to mess with, not even Zuckerberg!


Uber & House Baratheon

Travis Kalanick like House Martell is "officially" out of the race but Uber lives on. Kalanick recently stepped down as CEO of the company after Uber's board voted him out.

At his peak, however, Kalanick made headlines with Uber Cab founded in 2009 in California. Uber made travelling over short distances a comfortable, no-frills affair with the introduction of the Uber App aligning with Google Map of "House Lannister".

Uber's market cap is at a smart $70 billion even though Travis is out of the race but his company lives on, don't count them out of the race yet!