From rotten shark to fried spider: Whackiest foods eaten around the world

Written By: Pragati Awasthi

The one thing, that we all fantasize is to travel around the world and get introduced to different cuisines and foods of the world. While trying out new cuisines is one thing, we bring you a list of things that people eat but are not necessarily stuff you'd be open to trying.

List of unique, interesting ( and maybe disgusting to us) dishes from around the world:

Sannakji (Wriggling octopus)

One of the weirdest and unusual dish, 'Sannakji', otherwise known as 'wriggling octopus', A very common cuisine particularly in Korea. In the dish basically, a variety of baby Octopus is taken out of the water tank and served directly to the dining table. The raw octopus is then chopped up in small pieces, while they are still moving on your plate. The squirming animal is served instantly, usually with sesame oil and various dips. 


Frog Sashimi

The most torturous dish we can say, 'Frog Sashimi', the dish served in restaurants in Japan and very few places around the globe.

This unsettling dish is prepared in front of your eyes, the chef brings a living frog in front of you, which is stabbed, skinned, gutted and served up on an iced plate with a lemon slice and soy sauce, while the chef is busy chopping the frog, its still-beating heart is served on your plate to start your desirable meal.

The dish which is considered to be a delicacy in Japan had garnered few controversies and many people have filed petitions to stop serving this dish as it is unlawful to eat living animals.


Cobra Heart

The superhuman dish for the brave heart people, 'Cobra Heart'. The pretty popular in Vietnam and is willingly available in many restaurants. The giant snake is split in front of you and you are served the beating heart along with some of its own blood.


Goong ten (Dancing Shrimp)

Famous Thai street food, 'Goong ten' commonly known as Dancing Shrimp. The delicacy from Thailand serves live shrimp doused in a spicy, salty, sour marinade of chilli, fish sauce, and lime and are eaten while they are able to move their legs and antennae.

While you are eating, the live Shrimp try to escape and looks like they are dancing. 


Tuna Eyeballs

Tuna Eyeballs, although it sounds nasty, it's eaten widely in Japan and China. The eyeballs of the big fish are served as appetizers or bar snacks and are nutritious one too.


Wasp Crackers

In Japanese cuisine, everything is possible. Have you ever think to eat a biscuit filled with wasps(Insect) instead of choco chip. It apparently horrifying, when you are eating something and that had a pretty mean sting sticking on your tongue


Fried spider

Ever think of replacing your Cheetos with a fried spider. The snack that is popular in certain regions of Cambodia and is prepared by marinating in sugar salt, and spices and are placed in oil fried until crisp. For those who are thinking of eight leg insect's fangs and venom, the fangs are removed before cooking and the venom is neutralized by the heat of cooking. 



Hákarl, a national dish of Iceland consisting of a Greenland shark. The fermented shark meat has an incredibly pungent odour. It takes 9 weeks for the fermentation process, a period after, it is ready to eat with no cooking required at all.


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