Coronavirus fear leads to empty shelves in supermarkets

Shoppers around the world are heading to grocery stores to stock up on food and basics as fear over the spread of coronavirus grows.


Empty shelves in Spain

Spain, the euro zone's fourth-largest economy, has so far reported 36 deaths and 1,639 coronavirus cases, a sharp surge from the 589 cases recorded on Sunday.


Empty shelves in Australia

China is Australia's largest trading partner and the move has prevented thousands of students and tourists from entering Australia. 


Empty shelves in Singapore

Empty shelves of instant noodles and canned food, as people stock up on food supplies after Singapore raised coronavirus outbreak alert level to orange.


Empty shelves in Japan

As the coronavirus fear dwells globally, the customers are seen filling up shopping carts and emptying out the store shelves,


Empty shelves in London

Supermarkets have started rationing items as the people are panic-buying items due to the fear of coronavirus.


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