Architectural marvels of the world pay tribute to health workers

Updated: Mar 28, 2020, 02:18 PM(IST)

In the time of crisis the whole world has gotten together, now architectural marvels around the world have lit up to pay tribute to the health workers in their countries who are battling the global coronavirus pandemic!




Eiffel Tower lights up!

France is one of the worst-hit nations in terms of the novel coronavirus outbreak. 

The nation is facing over 30,000 cases of the global pandemic and has faced 1,995 deaths. The French landmark had a message on it asking its citizens to 'Stay at home'.


France says 'merci'

"Merci", the Eiffel Tower thanks its health workers for their tireless efforts to contain the global pandemic on Friday night along with the tower’s famous sparkling illuminations.

France is under a complete lockdown until April 15. 


London Eye turns blue

The United Kingdom has faced a major crisis due to the novel coronavirus, with Prince Charles and Boris Johnson falling victim to the global contagion.

The whole nation now has 14,543 cases and over 750 deaths. 

London Eye thanked the NHS (UK's National Health Services) by lighting up! 


UK applauds its health workers

Out of UK's 14,543 cases, England has 12,288 cases, Scotland has 1,059, Wales has 921 and Northern Ireland has 275. 

Britain followed India's move of applauding to express gratitude to essential workers. 


Sunderland lights up its sites

The Sunderland community thanked NHS staff and other key workers for their dedication and support during the coronavirus outbreak. The English city lit up its sites!


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