'Your security is my responsibility': A look at artists who stopped their concerts to protect their fans

Written By: Pragati Awasthi

In the wake of Astroworld concert tragedy, netizens have been calling out Travis Scott for ignoring injured fans during the music festival in Houston, Texas, which left eight people dead. Amid all this, devastated fans have shared old clips of musical artists and how they stopped their concerts to ensure their fans' safety. 

From Adele to Lady Gaga, here's a list of singers who've stopped their shows to ensure crowd safety during live performances.


During a 2011 performance at London's Hammersmith Apollo, Adele stopped the show after she noticed a fan had passed out. "Stop! Stop! Stop!" she told her band. "Someone fainted again, right in the middle. This happened last night, as well. Is anyone coming to you? Has it been sorted?".

Later, she showed the direction to the medics from the stage and asked fans to make way for them. 


Harry Styles

In 2019, Harry Styles stopped his performance and asked if there is any problem in the audience. "I have a very serious question. Are you okay in there?" Harry asked. When the crowd responded back and shouted, "No!", Harry sent help for a woman who was unwell and asked everyone to take a very slow and gentle step back. 


Asap Rocky

In 2019, A$AP Rocky stopped his concert after he noticed people were pushing each other and some were crushed on the floor. He immediately stopped the music and started yelling, "Pick them girls up! Pass the girls up, what's wrong with y'all?". Before continuing, Asap made sure that everyone was safe. 


Billie Eilish

During her concert in 2018 in Sweden, Billie Eilish stopped her performance to give water to a fan who became unwell at her concert.

After people in the crowd said the woman in question was about to pass out and needed water. Billie grabbed her own water and gave it to them and asked, "What can I do to help?"


Niall Horan

The former One Direction star Niall Horan stopped his concert in 2018 to address the safety of the audience. "We don't want anyone getting hurt or squashed. This swaying is very dangerous," he said, before adding: "Your security is my responsibility."



Black Pink

Black Pink stopped their performance after they spotted the crowd surging and asked to take it easy and step back and even asked the audience if they needed water.


Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga stopped her show in Connecticut after she noticed a fan in a crowd bleeding. "Meredith, I'm so sorry that you got hit in the face and that you're bleeding," she said after asking her name. She arranged for help immediately and said, "We're gonna make sure that you're OK."


Playboi Carti

During his Lollapalooza performance in Chicago, Playboi Carti stopped his performance immediately after a security member told him a lot of people were passing out. 

“They tell me that many people are fainting. They keep stopping my music because people are fainting. I care about your safety first.” Later, he told the crowd to step back so that he can start performing again. 


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