Srishti Singh Sisodia

Srishti Singh Sisodia

Copy Editor, WION

Srishti Singh Sisodia is digital journalist at WION. She has been a college-level football and cricket player. When not working or playing matches, she watches movies.


'Third tower was also brought down on 9/11': The conspiracy theories and importance of Tower Seven

The report found that fires that followed the impact of debris from the fall of the North Tower caused the collapse of WTC 7, however, delayed and insignificant information led to several…

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9/11 attacks and a money trail: How terrorists planned the devastating attacks

The 9/11 Commission Report revealed how did the attacks happen and how can the nation avoid such tragedies in the future.

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From Neeraj Chopra to Krishna Nagar: Olympic and Paralympic 'gold diggers' made India happy

At Tokyo Paralympics the shooting contingent emerged as the biggest contributor with five medals, followed by high jump and badminton with four each. 

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Tokyo Paralympics: From IAS officer to para-athlete — Inspirational journey of Suhas Lalinakere Yathiraj

Paralympics are special as athletes are not only aiming to clinch the coveted awards for their countries, but they are also fighting societal barriers as they thrash the stereotypes and emerge as…

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Minerals worth trillion dollars: So really how big is Afghanistan's economy under Taliban control?

Here's an in-depth examination of what we know about the Afghan economy and future economic prospects. 

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Impact of Brexit on English Premier League

Britain's top-flight football league and probably the best football league in the world - English Premier League (EPL) will be hit if 'Hard Brexit' is delivered by the government.

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IPL pays its players more than any other league. You'll never believe how much

An IPL player is on average paid £274,624 (approximately Rs 24.7 lakh) per game. The US's NFL or National Football League, which came second, pays its players £138,354 (approximately Rs 12.46 lakh…

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T20: 'Fortress Brisbane' awaits Virat's India against Australia

Brisbane ground, which is known as the 'GABBA', has been a batting heaven. The track is known for staying flat. 

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Gareth Bale has solution to 'Real' problems but can he turn the tables

Bale needs to step up and prove that he is capable of living up to the huge expectations of the club.

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Opinion: 'Pele in skirts' - Brazilian Marta's success is inspiration for many

The way Marta dribbled all the way from streets to Olympics, it's an inspiration for thousands of aspirants.

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Opinion: How Osaka suffered because of Serena's feud with umpire

Osaka's victory turned into a nightmare when she was booed while collecting the title. Read Article

Opinion: Asia Cup - Malinga can inspire Lankan young guns

Malinga's addition is good in a way as the young players will get some much-needed inspiration from the experienced fast bowler.

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Rishabh Pant, the unlikely hero

The attitude and intent Rishabh displayed on the pitch beyond doubt proved that the little champ has a promising future ahead. Read Article

Opinion: Will Jose Mourinho end up being Wenger 2.0?

Why Jose Mourinho is not happy and making excuses? Read Article

Opinion: 'Kaptaan' Imran Khan faces tough 'Test' in new innings

The ex-Pak captain struggled for 22 years to come out on top in politics, a rare fighting quality.

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