Rajesh Singh

Rajesh Singh


The writer is an author, senior political commentator and public affairs analyst


Campaign ban on Mayawati, Maneka, Azam, Yogi: Election Commission needs more teeth to tackle poll code violations

It is ironical that various politicians flout a code of conduct which they themselves contributed to framing

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National security BJP's 'sankalp' as party manifesto vows to repeal Articles 370 & 35A, end left-wing extremism

Led by Prime Minister Modi, BJP has made nationalism and national security, apart from development, the fulcrum of its poll narrative.

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Lok Sabha polls 2019: Rahul Gandhi chose to contest from Wayanad because Amethi may no longer be a 'safe' seat for him

The percentage of Muslim and Christian population is over 50 per cent, and Congress believes that the demographics provided a safe enough cushion for Rahul Gandhi to emerge victorious .

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L K Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi's exit from electoral fray: The old has to make way for the new

The decision is in keeping with the party’s strategy of pushing up new faces and preparing them for a longer inning in active politics as parliamentarians.

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Blog: Manohar Parrikar never shied away from confrontations and inspired others to do the same

No politician from Goa had risen to such national prominence as he had — with a pan-India image.

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In Rajasthan, it’s the local leadership that matters

The prestige of three prominent state leaders is at stake. Chief minister Vasundhara Raje from the BJP, and Sachin Pilot and Ashok Gehlot from the Congress.

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Manvendra Singh's induction a delight for Congress

There is also a political sense in the timing of his decision; the BJP regime led by Vasundhara Raje is seen to be on the back foot and there is already talk that it may not be able to retain…

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Mizoram polls more crucial for Congress than BJP

Mizoram holds the key to whether the Congress will be able to retain even its depleted presence in the Northeast

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Mayawati upsets Congress calculations; will this impact 2019 scenario?

The Congress interprets Mayawati’s decision as a snub because she pulled the rung from under its feet even as negotiations were on between the two.

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Dazzling array of Supreme Court verdicts enforces gender justice and dignity

It does seem that the Supreme Court has with a messianic zeal, decided to break old, though far from rusty, shackles.

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Opinion: Karnataka election result is a defeat for divisive politics

The blow for the Congress is especially painful because it had done everything it could by the book — and away from it — to retain control of the… Read Article

Opinion: BJP's bandwagon continues to roll in NE

The momentum which began with the party’s win in Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur, has been maintained. Nearly all of the region of north-east… Read Article

Opinion: Nagaland's political instability is the biggest challenge to BJP, Congress and others

Nagaland’s all-round development and inclusive growth will depend on both political stability and a broadly acceptable Naga accord. Read Article

Opinion: Will Meghalaya prefer BJP over Congress's Mukul Sangma?

BJP leaders believe they can reverse the situation in Meghalaya through appeals in favour of development and against parochial considerations. Read Article

Opinion: What decides Babri Masjid's fate on March 14

PM Narasimha Rao and CM Kalyan Singh were aware of archaeological evidence of the pre-existence of a temple where the Babri mosque stood. Read Article