Judy Franko

Judy Franko


Judy Franko is a Digital Journalist at WION. He believes that the best way to learn is to be under the impression that you are a novice, always.

Assembly elections 2018: KCR's failure to honour his promises could prove costly

The TRS chief has sweating it out on the electoral battleground, however, the lofty promises he made in 2014 and his failure to deliver on those promises may come back to haunt him as he seeks…

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From strong to sticky wicket: Why retaining power in Telangana won't be a cakewalk for KCR

TRS supremo could not offer a reasonable explanation why he dissolved the assembly. KCR sounded the poll bugle on a strong wicket but his confidence has waned and his nervousness has come to the…

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Can El Clasico sans Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo light up Camp Nou?

Clasico will sorely miss the two legends in tonight's clash.

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Opinion: Why Tamil Nadu remains a hard nut to crack for BJP

The BJP hardly has any base in Tamil Nadu and it has been near-untouchable for the Dravidian parties for the past one decade. 

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Freedom struggle: Unsung heroes from South India 

Here's celebrating the most important freedom fighters of South India whose contribution to freedom struggle deserve to be equally lauded.

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Opinion: How Tamil Nadu CM's bid to play hardball in allotting space for Kalaignar's burial may backfire

As his coffin was lowered into the Marina sands, Kalaignar proved that he is a fighter even in death and left Tamil Nadu CM Edappadi K Palaniswami highly embarrassed.

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Opinion: Hey celebs, we'll give you privacy but please stop showboating on social media

The emergence of social media has given a head start to celebrities and politicians seeking free publicity, however, using it wisely and sparsely will help focus everyone on real issues.  

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Opinion: Messi conundrum and the burden of carrying the expectations of 40 million Argentinians

It’s ludicrous, of course, that one player should be under such pressure, that everything should be about him, particularly when it was his display in Ecuador that got Argentina to Russia,…

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Opinion: Why Chennai will be crowned for third time in IPL 2018

After two years of hibernation, the lion (Chennai) is back and is hungrier than ever before Read Article

Opinion: Mohamed Salah - The Egyptian King who rules Liverpool

The Egyptian has scored 44 goals in 48 appearances this season for Liverpool- a record that does not look out of place next to the elite attacking… Read Article

Opinion: Siddaramaiah has won the Twitter battle but can he defy exit polls?

In the run-up to the elections, both Congress chief minister Siddaramaiah and the BJP's chief ministerial face BS Yeddyurappa have frequently… Read Article

Karnataka elections: Caste arithmetic explained

Caste equation plays an important role in any election in the country and Karnataka is no different. Read Article

Opinion: Siddaramaiah's 'pride of Kannadigas' plank a master ploy or 'flawed' parochial approach?

Some feel that incumbent CM's inclination to whip-up Kannadiga pride will only resonate with the urban voters. Read Article

Opinion: Will Kamal Haasan be 'Messi-the-Messiah' for Tamil Nadu?

Ever since the death of the charismatic leader Jayalalithaa, what Tamil Nadu needs is a saviour. Will Kamal Haasan be the one?

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Ten news events that shaped the world in 2017

The year 2017 has a significant share of world events which has redefined the cultural and political boundaries of the world. Read Article