Year in Google search 2020: Here's what people searched the most

 | Updated: Jan 01, 2021, 08:37 PM IST

Google it' is a common refrain when a person is stumped/ scared/ wants to show off or in a state to these effect and more. We may want to delete the dreaded year 2020 from our memories but while we closed ourselves off during endless lockdowns, the Google mills churned and were running frantically. Here are the top 10 things people around the world searched on Google in the year gone by.


No prize for guessing the top entry. Year 2020 was marked (marred?) by the global coronavirus pandemic. The global community spent large part of the year 2020 with no medicine or even a vaccine in sight. It was natural that everyone turned to internet to know more about COVID-19 and the ways to protect themselves from it.


Election Results

US Presidential Elections 2020 were to be the grand event last year but since coronavirus took the cake, the search term was relegated to second place. With USA having a 'tweet-happy' Commander-in-Chief at the helm in Donald Trump, it's little suprise that the election searches found their way in the list


Kobe Bryant

The Basketball legend left everyone in tears due to his untimely death in a helicopter crash on January 26, 2020. The accident, which occurred in California claimed life of Bryant's 13-year-old daughter Gianna as well. She was in the helicopter with him.



With the pandemic, came the era of online meetings and virtual teaching. And Zoom was the app that perhaps took an early lead. The video-confercing app was among the first ones to offer the facility. It wasn't a big name before the pandemic and it's quite natural to see this search being in the top 10 list as people world over wanted to know what exactly meant by "Catch you on Zoom"



The summer pastime of cricket-crazy India features at number five of most searched Google terms of 2020. The coronavirus pandemic  cast a big shadow on IPL 2020 as there were fears of crowds in stadium being superspreaders. The tournament was then shifted to UAE. 


India vs New Zealand

This was India's last series before coronavirus pandemic gripped the nation (Representative image)


Coronavirus updates

Again, no surprise over this being present in the top-10 list


Coronavirus symptoms

As coronavirus pandemic spread across the world, people were rightly concerned about their own health. Searching for coronavirus symptoms prepared them to take precaution as well as immediate action


Joe Biden

US President-elect made waves as he unseated incumbent President Donald Trump in US Elections 2020. 


Google classroom

As schools and colleges were shut during lockdowns. Distance learning and virtual teaching became a norm. Google classroom was a solution many schools used