US election 2020: Trump family finally wears facemasks at the last presidential debate

The family members of US President Donald Trump finally wore facemasks during the third and last presidential debate after getting warned that they could be thrown out if they took them off.

Let's take a look:

Better late than never

The entire entourage of the Trump family, including First Lady Melania and children Ivanka, Tiffany, and Eric finally added facemasks to their outfits for the last presidential debate, after getting cautioned that they will be asked to leave the premises if they don't abide by the norms.



Melania Trump, who had earlier contracted the novel coronavirus along with her husband Donald Trump, was also spotted wearing a black mask to match her frock and shoes.



The entire Trump family, like just Donald Trump, posed for photo-ops with facemasks after the presidential debate. Critics called the move an attempt ''to prove a point that they care for the nation's well being.''



Masks were a requirement for all attendees of the event, and the Commission on Presidential Debates warned that anyone who removed their mask would be escorted out.

While most of the family members did enter the first debate with masks on (pictured), they were photographed without them as soon as they took their seats.


Laissez faire attitude

The Trump family's laissez faire attitudes toward masks backfired in the wake of the first debate, when dozens of people in the White House tested positive for coronavirus - including the president himself.  


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