Satellite images of Ukraine conflict show devastation of the battle

Written By: Manas Joshi | Updated: May 28, 2022, 03:49 PM IST

More than three months have passed since Russia's invasion of Europe. Dozens of towns and villages in Ukraine are reeling under the Russian. War is not easy for any country and these satellite images of Ukraine battlefields are testimony to devastation that has taken place in Ukraine. These images have been clicked by Maxar Technologies.


Artillery barrage

Russia has battered Ukrainian cities with its artillery. This image shows craters formed in the field due to Russian attack. Damaged buildings are visible as well.


Military vehicles move

The road at the bottom left of this image shows military vehicles moving along. More vehicle are visible on the road that starts at the left turn.


Artillery ready to fire

Self propelled artillery batteries can be seen deployed near the trees.


Heavy deployment

When looked carefully, military vehicles can be seen parked adjacent to almost every building in this photo. The vehicle are purportedly Russian.


Damaged buildings

Damaged buildings can be seen in this image. Military vehicles are also seen moving along the road.