Flooded streets, trees fall down as Hurricane Sally makes landfall in US

The southeast of the United States saw trees falling down, streets flooded with water and killing of one person after hurricane Sally made landfall on Wednesday, inviting torrential rains. 

Take a look at these pictures that tell the destruction. 

Florida sees massive floods

The city of Pensacola witnessed some of the worst flooding and cars were submerged to the top of wheels. In this image, people are crossing a street flooded in the city. 


Over 500,000 homes, businesses lose power

Over 515,000 homes and businesses in Alabama and Florida have lost power, as per the tracking site poweroutage.us, reported news agency AFP. 


'Stay off roadways'

Pensacola police tweeted warning people of flooded roads and intersections and debris gathered around the streets, urging that to "stay off roadways". 


Rescue teams deployed

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis declared a state of emergency for counties in state's northwest. Hundreds of national guards, rescue teams were deployed to help the ones stranded. 


'Thank God, we are alive'

The storms hit so quickly that residents were left with no time to accumulate food or water. 

"I was afraid, I'm glad it's all over with, thank God we're alive. Really," Pensacola resident Karen Sharp said. 


World Meteorological Organization runs out of name 

There have been so many tropical storms in the Atlantic this year that the UN's World Meteorological Organization is about to run out of names that has happened only once previously. 


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