Countries spared by the COVID-19 inferno... so far!

 | Updated: Mar 29, 2020, 02:44 PM IST

The novel coronavirus is wreaking havoc across the globe and has forced up to three billion people to stay under lockdown as the virus leaves its devastating imprint on nearly every aspect of society: wiping out millions of jobs, straining healthcare services and weighing heavily on national treasuries for years to come.

But there are countries who have not faced a crisis like situation and the number of cases are close to none. The reasons maybe sparse population or no immigration from affected countries. 

Let's take a look at the countries which were least affected due to the global pandemic:


Greenland has the least number of cases of confirmed novel coronavirus. The isolated ice-cold country has just two cases. 



The landlocked Asian country just has three confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus. 



One of the poorest African countries of Gambia has just three confirmed cases. But due to the medical apathy, the country has faced its first death due to the coronavirus.


Congo Republic

Africa has been the last continent to be affected in the global coronavirus pandemic. One such African nation with least cases is the Congo Republic. 

The country just has four confirmed cases and no deaths yet.  



The Island country of Fiji has a sparse population. The country has seen five confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus.  



The Island nation has 10 cases of the novel coronavirus. The country has reported no deaths as of now. 



The African country is among the last infected countries in the world. Ethiopia has 16 cases of the novel coronavirus, the nation has reported no deaths as of now and has taken measures like spraying disinfectants in public places.