In pics: All decked up, countries gear for New Year celebrations

 | Updated: Dec 31, 2018, 02:52 PM IST

With just hours to go for the New Year, countries all around the world head for the big day's celebration. Here's taking a look at how different parts of the world gear up for the turn of the year. 

An illuminated '2019'

Russia celebrates the New Year with a New Years' tree. Russian Christmas comes after the New Year on January 7. 


3D image on Los Angeles City Hall

A 3D image inspired by local schoolchildren is projected on the walls of Los Angeles City Hall, as the city of Los Angeles prepares for 'New Year's Eve.


Burning away bad memories of 2018

Burning 'Old Year dolls' is one of the most traditional superstitions in Colombian popular culture. They are burnt on December 31 at midnight.

The burning signifies a farewell to the passing year and all the associated bad memories.


'New Year's Concert 2019' in Austria

The New Year in Austrian culture is at its finest with a Philharmonic tradition along with nostalgic music from the family of Johann Strauss and its contemporaries. 

German conductor Christian Thielemann and musicians of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra are applauded by the audience during the preview performance of the 'New Year's Concert 2019' in Vienna, Austria.




Aerial Dance of Circus Maximus

The New Year's show at the Circus Maximus in Rome, Italy is an eye-catching experience.

Hanging from a crane while rehearsing for the big day, Rome's Aerial dancers of the Kenton theatre group seem ready to welcome 2019.


Ringing bells for Japan's New Year

Japan has its own traditions for the New Year. On December 31 at midnight, Buddhist temples in Japan are believed to ring their bells a total of 108 times to symbolize 108 human sins and to get rid of the 108 earthly desires.

Japan is party-ready as people visit shops to purchase food and supplies to celebrate the New Year.


'2019' in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan has a spectacular New Year with the lights and fireworks at 'Land of Fire'. The capital, Baku celebrates New Year at the famous Fountain Square.

Baku is decorated with a '2019' for new year decorations in front of the Maiden Tower in the Old City.