Surya Gangadharan

Surya Gangadharan


Surya Gangadharan is managing producer and senior editor at WION


Four years of Modi government: A look at India's foreign policy

On the 4th anniversary of the Modi government, it's clear that managing relations with China will remain India's major challenge

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Opinion - North Korean hiccup: US should apply 'Libyan model' on North Korea

The North Korean statement was actually a double whammy!  

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China's 'cheque book diplomacy' leading Pak, Sri Lanka & others to give away land, ports: Harvard study

The study has identified at least 16 countries all over the world that owe China large sums of money including Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia and several others.

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Will Iran now make the bomb? Depends on Europe

There were five other signatories to the Iran nuclear deal. Top Indian diplomats say what Iran does next will depend on what the European signatories — France, Germany, and the UK  — do  Read Article

Opinion: China a worry, India needs to reset ties with President Putin

Russia's ties to China are rousing concerns in South Block that Moscow may end up as Beijing's rather shabby cousin

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Seven years after Osama bin Laden's killing, Al-Qaeda has grown by avoiding the limelight

The last attack linked to Al-Qaeda dates back to 2015, to the Kouachi brothers' hit on Charlie Hedbo in Paris Read Article

Opinion: President Xi Jinping aims to be the emperor of communist China

Xi Jinping has 'princeling' roots, he is descendant of the founders of People's China, who believe it is their destiny to rule. Read Article

With Putin in power, India-Russia relations will prosper

Though tactical and short-term approach has marked Russia's foreign policy, President Putin is good for India's interest. Read Article

Chinese media shaped false opinions on Doklam Issue

Mandarin media on the Chinese mainland and in Hong Kong carried more than 130 pieces of varying length, clearly an attempt to?sensitise?the public to… Read Article

Arjan Singh: The maverick Marshal who gave India its modern air force

Arjan Singh is credited with re-building the air force from the 1965 debacle to its face biggest challenge in 1971, when it came into its own for the… Read Article

Why Aung San Suu Kyi is silent on the Rohingyas

Suu Kyi is a prisoner of the compromises she has to make as a politician if she is to survive.? Read Article

China wants to isolate India but can't afford to ignore Indian market

Post-Doklam, South-east Asian states can stop bowing to China and build alliances that can help strengthen their own security and independence. Read Article

Doklam was a setback, China keen on teaching India a lesson

China watchers say Beijing will try to extract their pound of flesh from India perhaps not now, maybe later at a time and place of their choosing. Read Article

How the Chinese incursions in Doklam can change India's position in the region

If the Doklam standoff prolongs, India's "big brother" image could change to something more favourable towards India Read Article

Afghan Great Game changes with the return of 'Butcher of Kabul'

With the return of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, the Afghan pot is churning again with uncertain consequences for India. Read Article