Shantanu Mukharji

Shantanu Mukharji

Senior security expert

The writer is a retired IPS officer and a Bangladesh watcher. He was also posted in Dhaka to oversee Indian security concerns.


Hazara killings in Pakistan: Crisis deepens

Politicians and anti-government forces are continuing with scathing attacks on the government for its abject failure to protect the minorities -- especially in the matter of a sensitive province…

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Opinion: Religious aberrations in Pakistan

It would appear advisable for Pakistan to delink religion from politics to try and allow democracy to remain in place. Any flirting with religion would be costly leaving no chances for redemption…

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Opinion: Dynamic measures to strengthen national security on telecom

It’s imperative to point out that India is among the top three countries in the world, vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

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Opinion: Will a cabinet reshuffle help Imran Khan to restore order in Pakistan?

The Government is employing all its tools to foil the event citing fears of Corona epidemic and other reasons but so far organisers look completely defiant.

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Is Islamic radicalism on the rise in Bangladesh?

Amid this spurt in the activities of the zealots, a new controversy has erupted which is just a pretext to air bigotry thoughts of the Islamic radicals in Bangladesh.

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Europe in the grip of terror 

As French President Emmanuel Macron has hardened his stance describing the acts of terror in France as part of Islamic terror, the Muslim world has gone on protesting taking to streets.

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Third anniversary of Kenya mall attacks: Threat still looms large

One of the worst terrors attacks in sub-Saharan Africa, Kenyan mall attack continues to haunt security experts Read Article

Bangladesh security scenario: ISI activities go unabated

Bangladesh intelligence agencies need to keep up their human and technological surveillance on the ISI handlers Read Article

Bangladesh should tie up with India, others to crack down on terror

Terrorists are alive and kicking right under the nose of the government and it does not matter whether they belong to the Islamic State Read Article