Sanvit Shah

Sanvit Shah

Management consultant

The author is strategy and management consultant at CarEd Advisory, and is interested in exploring political economy and foreign policy


Corporate activism has no takers in India

The fear of the corporates’ influence on public policy and socio-political debates far outweighs its potential, the same can be argued for the corporates’ fear of backlash.

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Opinion: Will greater autonomy bring 'quality' to India's top colleges?

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Opinion: Indian dream and economics of Olympics

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Opinion: Why India is far behind China in business innovation

India moved to 60th place in Global Innovation Index in 2017, six places up from its 66th rank in 2016 – it was still behind other Lower Middle-Income countries, including Mongolia and Vietnam. Read Article

Opinion: 'Development' and 'diplomacy' are driving India's energy discourse

Shifting the focus of our economy towards manufacturing sector with ?Make in India? campaign, coupled with the developmental goal of ?Power for All? will be the key drivers of energy demand. Read Article

Opinion: China excels in soft power diplomacy; India doesn't

Creation of such elite scholarship/fellowship programs could be utilised by New Delhi as an instrument of diplomacy; the way Britain and America have… Read Article