Ravikiran Shinde

Ravikiran Shinde

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Independent writer on socio-political issues in India


Opinion: Why caste-based reservation is anathema to many

Politicians like Kumar Vishwas cannot profess to rever Dr Ambedkar on one side but hate his idea of affirmative action on the other, especially when most of India?s important areas are still devoid… Read Article

Simultaneous elections: Reform or an attack on Constitution?

Periodical elections, rather than simultaneous elections in the center and the state, give chance to people to assess the performance of the candidate as well as the party. Read Article

Simultaneous elections: New reform or an inescapable attack on the constitution and basic voting rights?

Modi government persistent to hold General and State elections together to secure a five-year term Read Article

Third anniversary of a deafeningly silent prime minister

Since assuming office, PM Narendra Modi has not held a single press conference in the country Read Article

What BSP's Mayawati can learn from former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi

Mayawati needs to reconnect with masses ||BSP's political survival depends on a grand Dalit-Muslim alliance ||Looking beyond Uttar Pradesh ||

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Are the Electronic Voting Machines culpable of faulty vote counts?

Without Voter Verification Paper Audit Trail, there is no way to know whether vote has been cast for the right candidate Read Article

Uttar Pradesh election: Mayawati's entente with Muslim and Dalit communities

Mayawati?s no-nonsense image, being a strong administrator and a person best suited to control BJP and maintain harmony could prove decisive Read Article

Women players, race relations and the celluloid world

?I had planned their future, two years before they were born? - Richard Williams Read Article