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I cover the intersection of international relations and politics. Am a recent convert to Bloody Mary and tea, so no single malt or double espresso for me, please.


Referendum not a good way to decide on Brexit: Spain foreign minister to WION

In an exclusive interview to WION, Spain's foreign minister Josep Borrell said that India is a remarkable example of unity in diversity.

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AgustaWestland scam hurt competitiveness of Italian companies: Ex-PM Letta to WION

Former Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta, on whose watch India cancelled the scam-tainted AgustaWestland helicopter deal, says that the defence scandal hurt the competitiveness of Italian…

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Trump's decision on Iran can impact India. Here's how

Any instability in what India sees as its extended neighbourhood will have implications for New Delhi. Disruption of oil imports from Iran will be an immediate worry. Read Article

Ahead of the inter-Korean summit, ground report from DMZ

The DMZ - a legacy of the Cold War - intersects the 38th Parallel, which was the border separating the two countries before the Korean war of 1950. Read Article

India and Pakistan should amicably solve Kashmir issue: Tunisia

India has had an uneasy relationship with?the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), but Tunisian foreign minister Khemaies Jhinaoui?s latest statement might soon change that. Read Article

Exclusive: Fate of 39 missing Indians unclear, Iraqi envoy to WION

Iraq's ambassador in India Fakhri Al-Issa says the fear is that the IS could have used some of those missing Indians and Iraqi nationals as slave labour or human shields ||He said it is…

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Exclusive: Fate of 39 missing Indians unclear, Iraqi envoy to WION

The envoy added that he has no information whether the 39 Indians are in Badush jail Read Article

Global Leadership Series: WION interviews Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

In an exclusive interview with WION, President Assad talks about how Donald Trump has failed as a President, the situation on the ground in Syria and… Read Article

EXCLUSIVE: India, Pak both have right to aspire to NSG: Erdogan

In an exclusive interview with WION, Turkish President Erdogan offered to be involved in a multilateral dialogue to solve the Kashmir issue between India & Pakistan. || ||The president said…

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WION EXCLUSIVE: All countries, Russia and UN should fight IS: President Erdogan

President Erdogan said at present Fateh was a bigger threat to Turkey than IS. ||The president said he saw Russia and NATO as equal partners of Turkey. ||On Syria, Erdogan wants "murderous…

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WION EXCLUSIVE: India, Pak should keep open channel for dialogue to solve the Kashmir issue, says President Erdogan

Speaking exclusively to WION, Turkey's President said that resolution of Kashmir will bring peace in both Indian and Pakistan ||He also said that India has a large population of Muslims and…

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Kerala: Breeding ground for radicalised youth

So how deep and wide is the Islamic State's footprint in Kerala? Ramesh Ramachandran pieces together this story Read Article

Exclusive: Islamic State of mind in God's own country

Despite being nestled in the syncretic culture of India, a sleepy hamlet in Kerala has gained notoriety for supplying radicalised men to IS Read Article

A new symphony in play

For an American president whose two terms in office straddled two governments in India, Obama struck a rapport with both the Indian leaders Read Article

Heart of Asia: Modi, Ghani launch double-barrelled attack on Pakistan

Silence and inaction against terrorism in Afghanistan and our region will only embolden terrorists and their masters: Modi Read Article