Parakram Rautela


Parakram is a writer with WION. His favourite modes of journalism are long-form reportage (the people who say a story has to be told in 350 words have thin vocabularies) and the interview.


Opinion: In Kashmir and Palestine, the stone is mightier than the gun

How do you beat a boy or a crippled man with a stone, even if you're armed with a gun?  Read Article

The Indian beauty queen that no one has heard of

Varsha Rajkhowa, 26, won the Miss Scuba International beauty pageant in Malaysia. She could now, arguably and with a little hyperbole, be called 'chief spokesperson of the world's oceans… Read Article

Opinion: How we view Bhima-Koregaon or Padmavati does not make us anti-national

Section 124A of the Indian Penal Code which deals with sedition (anti-nationalism) allows you to say anything, I repeat anything, so long as you do not instigate people to violence. Read Article

Opinion: A love letter, to a girl and to a city

Hauz Khas village saved Delhi?s soul. If it hadn?t been for it, we would have been reduced to a city of McDonald?s and TGI Fridays. Read Article

Gauri Lankesh, and that piece by her ex-husband

I knew I would find pathos in the piece but it also left me appalled ? and not because of anything that Chidanand Rajghatta had written Read Article

Dear Mr Obama, please do not return to India. (You're black)

Before you respond, I would like to draw your attention to recent news reports of a Nigerian man being tied to a pole in south Delhi and beaten with… Read Article

An evening in Kashmir

But I said nothing, for he could just as easily have turned around and said the same thing to me Read Article

The death of a lake

The water level of the town's famous lake is falling alarmingly

Read Article

'Naxalism is not caused by poverty or a lack of development but by injustice'

Fighting Naxalism then, rather than the underlying injustice, is like fighting the symptoms of the disease rather than the disease itself ||The general consensus, broadly speaking, was that…

Read Article

We the people, more loyal than the king

PM Modi did not ask for it but the consortium of petroleum dealers has volunteered to shut down petrol pumps in 8 states & UTs on Sundays Read Article

'Maoist surrenders have gone down in Bastar but police is keeping a stricter watch on villages'

The Bastar-based journalist Santosh Yadav, who was recently given bail by the SC after spending almost 2 years in jail, speaks to WION Read Article

What if the ?Hindustani Musalman? had called himself a Muslim Indian??

Had Hussain Haidry done so, it is possible the reaction to his viral poem ?Main Hindustani Musalman hoon? would have been very different Read Article

Are you kinky? It might be good for you

The Kinky Collective is trying to raise awareness, understanding, and acceptance of BDSM and kink in India Read Article

India: Messages of concern sent to Bastar top cop after activist is threatened, reply is 'F u'

Another message sent to inspector general of police SRP Kalluri was replied to with: 'Stop b****ing' Read Article

Kashmir: An angry valley, an unhappy people

Religion has become Kashmir's only safe form of protest Read Article