Monojit Lahiri

Monojit Lahiri

Monojit Lahiri is a media commentator, specialising in cinema, advertising and popular culture.


Opinion: OTT stars are to Bollywood what European actresses were to Hollywood

While the world’s most glamorous movie industry Hollywood – like our Bollywood – was preoccupied with all that is grand and big, offering seductive star dazzle that paralysed the senses, European…

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Opinion: 100 cheers for Satyajit Ray

The nobility of man lies in the cinematic effort itself. The knowledge gives it a serenity denied to those who believe they are life-changers. This philosophical outlook is both Indian and…

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Opinion: Give love a chance?

Never in recorded history has there been a more desperate desire and need for love. Quickly translated, it means the love-market has never been so huge and inviting! 

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Opinion: Is Gangubai Kathiawdi make-or-break role for Alia Bhatt?

Will Gangubai Kathiawadi elevate Alia Bhatt to the gallery of the biggies?

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Opinion: "Please don't call me an actress but an actor"

Does calling actresses 'actors' robs them of their iconic glamour? Or is it a much-needed step to head towards a gender-neutral world? Read this opinion piece by Monojit Lahiri

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Opinion: Why film critics are breath of life but a kiss of death for the masses

Cut to a reality check. In Bollywood-crazed India, not even the most [rare?] analytical and insightful reviews from film critics seem to make the slightest cut with the janata. Why? Simply because…

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Opinion: Pandemic moved Valentine's Day online

Are pandemic times all set to rain on the V-Day parade in 2021?

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Opinion: Ok you watch arthouse films, but does it make you superior?

Ultimately, it really boils down to live and let live. Forget the obsession of playing Masterji & evangelist and trying to convert every non-art house soul to a disciple

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Opinion: Is 2021 the year of Actor vs Star showdown?

Has OTT and their fantastically gifted actors converted a substantial section of the viewers in terms of sensibilities, taste & quality control?

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Opinion: With post-COVID times on horizon, will OTT-fix go for a toss?

Today with the vaccine entering our lives and promising to deliver us from the twin nightmares, will the grandstanding of OTT vanish in the face of the old, much-loved, familiar Bollywood model?…

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Opinion: Why as we enter marriage, love exits

In a fiercely consumerist world, success at any cost is the new aphrodisiac and battle of the sexes continues to get more over-heated each day with… Read Article

Opinion: Why no Indian film ever won the Oscars

"..Beyond quality, cracking the Oscars need tickling many boxes and joining many dotted lines", says veteran Indian filmmaker Shyam Benegal… Read Article

Opinion:  What did Sridevi have that no other heroine did?  

Despite her shy nature, Sridevi was believed to have sensuousness of a very special kind in all her dance numbers, making all her fans zonked to the… Read Article

Opinion: Will comeback of Rani Mukerji in film Hichki be a hit?

Post marriage and motherhood, Rani Mukerji will have to concentrate more on performance than looks to make a successful comeback. Read Article

Opinion: Valentine's Day and ways millennials wish to pray, eat and love

While festivals become carnivals, ramp-shows and sponsored programmes, muting the spiritual and religious content, it makes sense to do a reality… Read Article