Man kicked out of Spanish train by fellow passengers for not wearing mask

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Madrid, Spain Updated: Jul 19, 2021, 06:49 PM(IST)

Face Mask (Representative Photo) Photograph:( Twitter )

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Passengers on a Spanish train forced a man to deboard after he refused to wear a mask. Ironically, even after deboarding he did not wear a mask while he waited for another train

A man was kicked out of a train in Spain by fellow passengers after he refused to wear a mask, despite repeated requests from people on board.

While Spain does not have any monetary or legal penalty for not wearing masks in public spaces, locals have taken it upon themselves to urge fellow citizens to wear masks.


When a man on a train was spotted without a mask, he was urged by fellow passengers to cover his face. However, he refused to give in to the requests of his fellow passengers.

A video being shared on Twitter shows passengers, who can be seen wearing masks, protesting against that one maskless man who was boarding the train. The incident started when a man stopped the maskless passenger from entering the carriage.

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However, when the man refused to give in, passengers started to corner the maskless man. The video shows two women pushing the man towards the door of the carriage, which forces him to exit the vehicle.

The man refused to wear a mask even then. In the video evidence, he can be seen going to a corner of the train station near a bench. He waited for the next train, but without wearing a mask.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and several other health experts urged people to wear a mask whenever stepping outdoors and meeting people indoors in a social gathering. Experts believe this is the only way to slow down the spread of deadly coronavirus, especially with the spread of new variants such as Delta, Beta, and Alpha.

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