Grey's Anatomy: After McDreamy, look who else came back on the show for a sweet reunion

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New Delhi Updated: Dec 04, 2020, 03:48 PM(IST)

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Dr George O'Malley  came back to meet Meredith in the new episode of 'Grey's Anatomy'. 

After Dr Shepherd, Season 17 of 'Grey's Anatomy' will see another of its favourite characters returning to the show albeit for a dream sequence. 

The first episode of the new season saw the return of Patrick Dempsey's character Dr Derek Shepherd who appeared in Meredith's dream. 

Now, Dr George O'Malley will also return for a brief reunion. 

Fans will get to watch actor TR Knight reprising his character George once again. George appeared for the first five seasons of the show before the character met a tragic death, leaving the staff of the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital shaken and devastated.

In Thursday's episode, George though had a reunion with his best friend Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) in a dream sequence set on the beach. 

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George first appears as a shadowy figure hovering over Meredith before coming into focus.

"Mer?" he asks his old friend. "What are you doing here?"


The two old friends then spend time catching up with each other with Meredith introducing her old friend to her three kids. 

"You didn't meet them," Meredith says. "I check in sometimes," replies George.

The pair also discusses George's funeral after the accident, after which, Meredith described herself as "devastated." 

"You were cracking up at my funeral!" George complains and adds, "That made me happy."

The two friends chat up and the sequence also has Dr Richard Webber and Miranda Bailey joining - taking the fans of the series back to old days. 

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